History of the Duuuval House

The Auction.


Duuuval House

After learning about the IRS Auction, the first thing was due diligence. What other liens would we be responsible for? How bad was it inside? How much over minimum bid would it go?

The Duval House was up for IRS Auction on March 22, 2018. When we showed up to bid, we didn’t know what to expect. Would Toney Sleiman or Tony Khan be there to outbid us? Members of the Bold City Brigade or Generation Jaguar? How many people would be there?

We got to the Duval County Courthouse early and waited. When we signed in only one other person had signed in. Before the auction, we paid them not to bid. We though the house would be ours at the minimum bid of $49,000.

We were wrong. Apparently someone from Tampa mailed in a check for $102,000 to the IRS. It wasn’t disclosed on the bidder form. But we started the auction and wanted it complete before anyone else showed up. It was ours for $103,000 plus our “consultant fee” to the other bidders.

Here is the IRS Auction description: https://www.treasury.gov/auctions/irs/jafl_real_9020.htm

The video of the auction: